Damascus steel

One of the best quality and best-looking blade materials is called “Damascus” steel.

To be honest, swords and hunting knives with true Damascus steel were being made during the middle ages, and the exact production technique has been lost. What we call “Damascus” steel today is actually pattern-welded steel, but nonetheless, this yields very beautiful and very high quality blades for all kinds of custom knives. Several sheets of steel with different carbon content are welded together and bent, twisted and forged until the desired steel grain and solidity is achieved.

A favorite of both collectors and users, here are some examples of custom folding knives and custom hunting knives from our store featuring Damascus blades:
Damascus blade custom folding knife Custom folding knife with Damascus blade Custom folding knife with Damascus blade Full integral hunting knife with Damascus blade
Click on the images for more information.

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Blade materials

All our custom folding knives, unique hunting knives and tactical folding knives are made using the highest quality materials. We have products featuring four different kinds of stainless steel blade material: 440C, ATS34, N690 and Damascus.

Grade 440C: high-end stainless steel, very hard (up to 60 HRC), very good resistance to corrosion (mild acids), fresh water, and the atmosphere.

Examples (click on the individual knives for more info):
custom folding knife folding knife 440c blade knife stainless steel folding knife

Next up: Stainless steel Damascus blades

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New collectors, stay tuned

Custom folding knife Custom hunting knife Damascus steel blade Custom knife decoration

The community of custom knife collectors is growing. Despite the downturn in the economy, more and more people find joy and satisfaction from owning and collecting unique knives that are artworks and useful tools at the same time.

During the last few weeks, I’ve had several conversations with novice collectors inquiring about details like blade, handle and sheath materials, and while for us seasoned guys hearing about 440C steel, bark mammoth ivory or elephant ear skin makes perfect sense, I couldn’t find one single resource to learn about these things.

While I’m no big expert, I have a very good idea about where to look, and during the next few weeks, I’ll post entries with a broad overview categories and many many links so everybody can look up the information for themselves and become a better informed custom knife collector.

So, stay tuned!

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Hi there!

This is the new custom knife blog by CeeZee. I’m a collector, aficionado, and official US rep for Hungarian folk artist and knife master Ferenc Tumpek. He’s been creating gorgeous custom folding knives, hunting knives and tactical knives for more than ten years. He also makes stag grips for the Colt 1911.

This is it for now, more about him and his knives later.

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